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In clinical practice, very often, diuretic remedies are used to eliminate edema that appears on the background of various diseases. These drugs are called diuretics. Their composition may contain both vegetable and synthetic components.


 The main purpose of diuretic medications is increased urination, due to which a significant amount of fluid is taken out of body tissues. As a result, such an extremely unpleasant symptom as swelling is eliminated. However, diuretics should be used very carefully. As a rule, most of them have many side effects, they can negatively affect the action of other medications, that’s why such kind of drugs should be taken strictly by a doctor’s prescription.



 Lasix is prescribed to eliminate the swelling that accompanies such diseases as severe hypertension, liver cirrhosis, heart failure, eclampsia, hypercalcemia, pulmonary edema. In addition to dealing with edemas, this drug is used in the chemical poisoning of the body to enhance the output of toxic substances by the forced urination.


 Mode of application

 The medicament is released in the form of pills and solutions in ampules for intramuscular and intravenous injections. The duration of the treatment is established by a doctor. According to the instruction, Lasix is taken twice a day for 40 – 80 milligrams. Injections are done once a day for 20 – 40 milligrams. In severe cases, twofold drug administration during the day is not excluded.



 There are pathological conditions in which it is prohibited to use this diuretic. They include electrolyte imbalance, glomerulonephritis, gout, hepatic coma, pancreatitis, hypotension, stenosis (narrowing) of the urethra, myocardial infarction. Lasix should be carefully taken by women during childbearing and breastfeeding, as well as people suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia and diabetes.


 Side effect

 An impressive list of side effects is common for most diuretics, including Lasix. Indications and instruction for use confirm this fact. During the treatment, there can be possible such symptoms as dizziness, weakness, drop in blood pressure, arrhythmia, spasmodic contraction of muscles of the lower limbs. Also, there can be dry mouth, feeling of thirst, nausea, vomiting, stool disorder, thrombocytopenia, leukopenia, a decrease of potency. Sometimes there are allergic reactions: itching skin rash, photosensitivity, anaphylactic shock. Overdose of this drug can lead to an extremely dangerous state for the body – dehydration.


 Lasix contributes to the rapid removal of poisons, toxins, and excess fluid from the body. It was created exactly for these purposes.


 Very often, people choose not the best way to lose weight. And it often happens because of a lack of knowledge. Take, for example, Lasix. These pills seem to be a completely harmless drug for many obese people. But, unfortunately, it is not. This drug should be taken only strictly on prescription. And you will understand it when we analyze its negative features, contraindications, and side effects.


 Usage and harm of Lasix for slimming

 Surely you had to hear that furosemide is almost a panacea for slimming. Literally, every day of its taking, the plummet consists of several kilograms. But do not hurry to go to the pharmacy. Because in fact, it is not excess fat accumulated in the problem areas, intercellular and interstitial fluid is also leaving. That is why when we stop taking this medicine, the body will make up for the losses, and the weight will regain.

 However, you can say that there are people who used Lasix for slimming and did not return later to their former volumes. It’s difficult to disagree – such cases are known. But do you know how bad their health is now? Of course, if you have bad edemas, whether external or internal ones, you can’t treat them without Lasix. But in this case, the dosage must be appointed by the doctor.