Corgenix Medical Reaches Milestone in Development of New Test Format

March 3, 2011

High-speed, automated test format to expand global distribution for AspirinWorks® (11dhTxB2) Test

DENVER — March 3, 2011 — Corgenix Medical Corporation (OTC BB: CONX) has successfully completed the feasibility stage for a new, high-speed automated test format for its AspirinWorks® Test. Developed in collaboration with Randox Laboratories, the new format will make it faster and easier to perform the AspirinWorks Test at clinical laboratories and hospitals around the world.

Millions of Americans take a daily aspirin to prevent heart attack or stroke but don’t know if the aspirin is having the desired effect. AspirinWorks is a simple urine test to measure levels of 11-dehydro thromboxane B2 (11dhTxB2) to determine aspirin effect in apparently healthy individuals. The goal of aspirin therapy is to reduce levels of thromboxane in the blood, decreasing platelet stickiness, and therefore reducing the chance of forming a blood clot. AspirinWorks is the only FDA-cleared test that measures levels of thromboxane metabolite, 11dhTxB2, to determine aspirin effect. Studies show that higher levels of 11dhTxB2 in individuals on daily aspirin therapy indicate a greater risk of cardiovascular events, including stroke, myocardial infarction and cardiac death.

“We’ve taken another critical step forward in expanding the potential market for the AspirinWorks Test,” said Douglass Simpson, Corgenix President and CEO. “The next step in this process will be the launch of the new fully automated immunoturbidimetric (IT) format, making it easier and faster to process large volumes of this important cardiovascular test.”

Once completed and granted market clearance by the FDA, the new IT assay for 11dhTxB2 will be compatible with automated chemistry analyzers, making the test readily available in most

hospital laboratories. The assay will be manufactured at Randox Laboratories in the United Kingdom, and the two companies will share global distribution rights.

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